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Creative Business Logic Audio Websites Software Video Development Automation Motion Graphics Administration Documentation Project Management Applications UX

Apotheom, LLC is a full-service innovation and development agency born from an IT-focused perspective.  Our vision is to provide meaningful innovation at the meeting place of technology and creativity.


Media Services

Audio Engineering
Interactive Design
Audio / Video UI Design
Media Implementation
Video Editing
Hologram Display
Digital Signage

Business Tools & Logic

Intelligent Process Automation
Customer Experience Workflows
Digital Transformation and Migration
Process Mapping, Analysis, & Optimization
Software / Operations Troubleshooting
Technical Documentation & Knowledge Transfer
Business Logic Consultation


PHP Applications
Mobile Applications
Stack Development
Application Database: Design and Implementation
Physical Computing Applications
Robotics and Automated Interaction

Websites and Digital Media

Design, Implementation, & Hosting
WordPress Administration
Website Hosting Stack Management
Branding Consistency and Continuity

IS Management

Educational Technology Management
Database Management
Software Operations Management

Project Management

Life Cycle
System Migration

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